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Re: Paid placement, bah!
From Nicholas on 1 April '03
replying to Re: Paid placement, bah! posted by Hope

>>1 inbound link, from a medium-traffic site. I haven't listed it
>>with ODP yet, because I want more content up there before doing
>That one inbound like was followed by a spider. Inbound links are
>wonderful things. It saves you the time and trouble of paying for
>spidering. If you make changes, you will need to wait until the
>spider returns. With paid spidering, you know when the spider

:) If I was still willing to do SEO for clients, and I had the
usual type who are so clueless that they leave SE listing for
last, I'd doubtless advocate paying for inclusion; would make the
CEO happy, anyway. However an inbound link is not really
necessary if you have tons of solid content. Once it's in Google,
you get lots of traffic, and the URL ends up in tons of
unprotected log files, so sooner or later even Inktomi will find
it. Of course once you list with ODP there are lots of solid
links from static pages anyway, what with all the ODP mirrors.

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