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Re: Heres an idea!!!
From Robert McCulloch at Search Engine Secret Weapons! on 23 June '03
replying to Re: Heres an idea!!! posted by robert_mcc001

>>Heres an idea. What if everyone on this board started 'private' FFA >pages available only to people that frequent here. This would >eliminate the spam factor of regular FFAs. And the links wouldn't >need to rotate because there would be a finite amount on them.
>Here is a site that I just ran accross that makes a lot of sense.
> - Generate Links Pointing To Your Web Site free!
>Improve Your Site Traffic, Link Popularity & Search Engine Rankings!
>robert mcculloch

Links to you never really worked out on my site. I use frames and
tried to set up the link back to them and it never seemed to

changed it several times over a few week period, but it never
worked. I think it was my mistake.

The message I replied to to begin with was a good idea. But there
is no need to start a ffa page really. After all if you are just
looking for links to your site, post a message or reply to one if
you have something useful to add. Then just mention your website
at the bottom below where you sign your name.

As long as your not making a sales pitch, like we don't get
enough of them on the Internet as it is!!! Then this page itself
will do the work of an ffa site without all the silly ffa stuf we
have all come to love to not like.

See the end of this message if you want to know what I mean. I'll
add the url to some of the sites I work with and it should ge
spidered just like the rest of a normal site. (That is if the
webmaster of this fine website, to which I will link to from my
sites as soon as I leave, will let you post a message with your
url in it.)

No spam, no ffa to deal with, everyone is happy and the world is
that much of a better place. Or at least the Internet is that
much less of a big ad for everyone who wants to get rich without
doing anything worthwile.


Robert mcCulloch

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