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Re: PLEASE help me sort out AltaVista
From Leon on 9 Dec '98
replying to Re: PLEASE help me sort out AltaVista posted by Brian Clifton

>> So you conclude that the one the doesn't agree with you must be obsolete?
>>I have some unpleasant news for you: the latest wave in SE technology is using
>>document structure to improve the usability for the users. It's also the oldest
>>wave in SE technology too, actually older than the Web and HTML by a decade or
>No, not at all. I never said AV was obsolete (did I??)
>But with the wave of wysiwyg editors (FrontPage, Dreamweaver) this
>could be a serious problem. I would prefer to handcode html, but we
>simply can not compete with our competitors on costs due to the
>time required for this.
>>Look again ... I just checked for
>> La Manga Club
>>on Excite, and your site is not in the first 4. You are losing out to sites about
>>Japanese comics, which appear to involve something or someone called "Manga".
>>Entering "La Manga Club" (with the quotes, which is not the typical
>>way a search would be entered) gets you 4th on Excite. But, how many
>>people will already know about the club well enough to search by name?
>>I'd be looking for a generic thing like golf holiday in Spain.
>You are right. I focussed on the phrase because it was easier to do so.
>I wanted to learn something about AV, before generalising my key words.
>All I have ended up doing is going round and round in cirles.
>I go back to my original post - the #1 listed site on AV just doesn't
>make sense to me. There is nothing there to make it number 1, unless AV
>is somehow penalising the other sites which contain a wealth of references
>to "La Manga Club" both in the body and meta tags.
>I am going to generate a page almost identicle to the #1 listing, but
>with meta tags included. I have also purchased the domains
>and to see if this helps.
>Cheers, Brian


I tried that Meta Tag approach with Alta Vista few months ago... And did not see my copy of the # rated page (unfairly rated)
even close to first 30... I tried also to copy the page and just add one search string into a body and that did not work either...

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