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Re: Search Engine promotion.
From Hope on 3 Nov '03
replying to Search Engine promotion. posted by Jeannie

>1. If I use google's pay per clicks, and submit my website to
>their search engine also, will it still get ranked? (I am asking
>this because I do not know how long I will use the pay per

Being in googles adwords has nothing to do with being in googles
organic search. You can rank with google if you are involved with
adwords or not.

>2. If my web address is, will
>they rank my site, or do I need to have a "real" domain name?

You should have a read address. The one you have will not help
you much. They are only a few dollars a year now, so it isnt' so
hard to afford them.

>3. The way my company has my website set up will not allow me to
>put in meta tags, what can I do to get my site ranked higher?
>Do the search engines still go by the meta tags, or is there
>something else I can do to my website that will help me get

If your websites is a mirror site, you can pretty much give up on
the hopes of ranking in the search engines. If you are unable to
alter your title and meta tags, you should think twice about the
company you are an affiliate for.

Every site needs to be different for the search engines to rank
them. YOu need something special, something that will make you
stand out from every other website out there.

>Is there a good site to go to learn about this stuff?

There are lots of good sites to learn about this stuff. This is
one of them if you just ask the questions. You can do a search on
SEO Forums, SEO Techniques, SEO Help. You will find a ton.

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