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Re: I hate Google! Never use it.
From Danial on 11 Nov '03
replying to Re: I hate Google! Never use it. posted by David Engel

I despise Google. They might not have any banners, but for me
they are almost far off the mark. When google finds what I want
it's likely a fluke. I like the search engines where one can use
is and

what it far better that google. Well google does have an alternative
to their Google which is Altavista although it's powered by Google it
isn't operated by Google. Altavista is one of my favourite sites.
I guess it all depends what one puts in a site that determines
whether it's good or bad. Now a days I only use google as a last
resort or when another site links to google. I don't know what's
supposed to be great about semantics, well at least I know

ain't for me. Well there's alot of good search engines: metacrawler
a tad slow but pretty close to target in searches, Yahoo is is a good
one but sometimes don't center right. A really good one is they are pretty accurate but they don't have a
wholesale search spot, and lack a parts search spot. Well to all

Good search engines I say Thank You you're a real time saver
which is the total opposite of Google. I almost never have any
luck with google. I really find google an extreme waste of time.
I suggest you

ignore those that find google a good thing because they simply
lucked out. Sooner or later they will have trouble with google.
They might not think so but then they don't know.

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