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Re: Doorway pages: WebPositionGOLD Vs.
From Jasper Ravensberg at health products on 26 Dec '03
replying to Re: Doorway pages: WebPositionGOLD Vs. posted by CEO Capitek plc Internet Marketing Consultants

>>>can someone tell me the difference between the Page Generator section of the WebPositionGOLD ($149) analyzer and the online service offered via email by (located in Sidney-Australia, annual fee $49.95)?
>>>An automatic doorway pages generator can be considered an effective tool or the manual creation is the better choice?
>>>What about the need to create hundreds of doorway pages without an automatic generator system (used at least for a minimal job support)?
>>I've not used the service you recommend...but you need to remember that entry page generation is the LEAST of the services WPGold offers. and it's doorway pages are sorta weak... you wouldn't want to go with it, as generated.
>>of course, I dont think ANY automated service can generate pages you would want to use!
>From CEO, Capitek plc, Internet Marketing Consultants:
>There is really no substitute for professional submission management. Everything else is a compromise, with all the anticipated short-comings. Search Engines have increasingly complex methodologies for managing content type and resisting promotional efforts by amateurs.
>You get what you pay for. Of the automated variety, WPG is the most functional, if still limited by automation blueprinting.

Jasper Ravensberg, Independent Marketing Assosiate WIN, Netherlands,
I can't tell you the difference between those two, sorry.
For my e-commerce site i would be glad to get some traffic on my
site (

I just printed out the 160 pages users manual for the trial
version from and try to installate the trail

Only submitting a site to a searchengine is absolutely not enough
to get more hits, submitted my site to the altavista inclusion
program doesn't bring me any visitor more, it cost me around $

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