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Re: Altavistas new submission code needed
From Tatsuo Komedashi at The tool which promote combution of oil on 22 Feb '04
replying to Altavistas new submission code needed posted by Inachu

Urgent appeal        

Now, curtailment of the carbon dioxide gas (CO2) discharged from
our car or detrimental discharge gas has been our global pressing

* The removal equipment of a filter system or a catalyst system
carried out now is large sum removal equipment which disregarded 
 economical efficiency.

* These removal equipments worsen mpg further.
 Therefor, the more these spread, the more the amount of discharge
  of carbon dioxide increases.

* It can contribute to prevevtion of global warming by "[Eoiler]"

* The result global warming is encouraged.

* "[E-oiler]" decreases carbon dioxide.

          Is it good with this?

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