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Re: Is Webcrawler Dead?
From Christopher Given at Vital Vortal on 10 April '04
replying to Is Webcrawler Dead? posted by David A

>Has anybody been listed or updated in Webcrawler in the last few months?
>Also what are your opinions on how important an engine Webcrawler is?

I didn't update my listing cos webcrawler picked up my site. It
may not be up to Yahoo's size etc, but results are good - and
there are lot's of em.

Remember - everybody has their favourites!

Personally I like webcrawler. It's clean, easy to use and reliable.

Engines are important, cos the links contained within them, get
searched/spidered by other bigger engines etc, and will in turn
list those links, which will be picked up by another engine, and
on and on and on...

Lovely links, Good links, I like links lol

Excite/iwon has been bought up by someone, can't remember who now
- sorry.

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