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Re: PLEASE help me sort out AltaVista
From Brian Clifton on 9 Dec '98
replying to Re: PLEASE help me sort out AltaVista posted by Max

> What's to "handcode"? You just use an HTML editor that doesn't
>force you to use FONT (no FrontPage, I think you can use DreamWeaver)
>and instruct your writers to use structural tags and not muck up the
>page with FONT tags. If they don't comprehend "structure", find some
>that do. It's better than wasting all this time trying to figure out why
>the SEs don't like your site

I suppose I meant text based rather than wysiwyg editors (not hand code)

>>I go back to my original post - the #1 listed site on AV just doesn't
>>make sense to me.
> Doesn't make much sense to me either, but the #2 listing also is a
>bit sparse. They are all a pretty bad lot, relevance-wise.
> If you were to create a single, solidly structured page with a
>good intro, proper headings, etc., you could easily outrank any
>of the competitors. Wouldn't that be easier than this incessant
>creating of "doorway" pages?

That's what I am about to do using Arachnophilia - will let you know.

Cheers, Brian

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