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Re: Hey Jim are we allowed to..
From Darryl on 16 Feb '99
replying to Hey Jim are we allowed to.. posted by wes

Why ask now. People here don't like spammers and don't look to find their customers here. Just help each other without expecting personal gain.

Jim's board is a SE specific site. You come here and bash people for wasting their time here and then ask if it's okay if you redirect Jim's traffic. If your were smart you would not try to shove your ideas down everyones throat. You lead the horse to the water, now let the horse make it's own decision.

>Hi Jim,
>I was wondering if we are allowed to post a sig file at the end of all of our post.I think its kinda weird that nobody in this forum does this.I didnt do it because i thought you didnt allow it,but after reading your warning again it doesnt say anything about it.Im not talking about a full classified ad or anything just something like this.
>Internet marketing secrets revealed

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