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Re: Removals from competitors
From Jim on 16 Feb '99
replying to Removals from competitors posted by Janis

>Is there a "dirty-trick" that competitors are using to get their competitors removed from search engines.

The only thing a competitor can do to you is to resubmit your URL.
If that results in your page dropping lower, you have only yourself
to blame because it'll be due to the way you've prepared your page.

Repetitively submitting the same URL over and over again is not a
"punishable" offence, the extra submissions will simply be ignored.
You can actually see this happening if you try to submit the same
URL twice on Alta Vista.

Listings dropping and disappearing is quite normal, there's nothing
sinister going on. That's why you need to monitor your listings, if
you're serious about keeping them. Webposition is designed to make
the process of monitoring your listings much easier, if you'd like
to try it out:

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