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Re: PLEASE help me sort out AltaVista
From Darryl on 10 Dec '98
replying to Re: PLEASE help me sort out AltaVista posted by Brian Clifton

I don't know the future of frames, but I try to stay away from anything that causes problems you have no control over. Every where I go I hear the same thing about frames. In your case you have to tell your client, that you have learned that using frames will limit your chances of getting listed with some search engines and then leave it up to them. If you did a non-frame page it would look the same because your pages are not a mile long. Creating a duplicate non-frame site will be good for you to learn that their is really a difference.

I have a friend whose site depends on audio, because he is selling a comedy CD. I wanted him to use a new technology which requires no plug-ins. Will a few people he new had problems, these were people who never purchased off the Internet or probably never will. I had people try it every where and they had no problem. So I added a mirror side with Real audio (plug-in) to please him. I tracked both sides and found out that most people where going to the new technology side. He now realizes that I was right. Statistics say that plug-ins only reach 25% of the market. By having two sites was a pain in the rear everttime you made a simple change. That is why I say be in control. I am getting ready to move his site and the Real Audio is going out the door. That is just a little sample of why I feel the way I do.
>That's a fair point. I just think frames are here to stay, so there is
>not much point in avoiding them. I just can not understand why using
>the noframes tag should cause problems. I am creating a non-frames
>equiverlent page to see how I get on.
>Will let you know, Brian

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