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Survey on search engines
From Nicholas on 24 Feb '99
I am writing an article for U.S. newspapers about relevancy and
currency on the SEs (such as it is). If anyone cares to answer
this questionnaire, they will gain little glory, but may have the
satisfaction of seeing reality hit the newsprint.

Please respond as T (true), F (false), or by adding your comment
(except in the pure opinion questions).


AltaVista is the most repeatable of the SEs:
(giving the same results each time)

AltaVista gives the most relevant listings:

HotBot and Infoseek used to be second-best:

Inktomi-powered searches (Hotbot, Snap, GoTo,
Yahoo! alternative) are less relevant than they used to be:

Porn listings are creeping back up in the Inktomi indexes:
(innocuous searches are suddenly bringing up porn)

Excite was never very relevant anyway:

Webcrawler was never very relevant anyway:

Infoseek searches have gotten weird since Disney took over:
(a few weeks ago, when the green "Go" logo appeared)

Infoseek Relevance Opinions (not a T or F):


AltaVista still indexes in 2 days:

HotBot now indexes in 2 weeks:

Infoseek now indexes in 2 weeks:

Lycos indexes in 3 months to never:

Webcrawler indexes in 3 months to never:

Excite indexes in 3 months to never:

Northern Light Opinions:
(I don't have enough
data to express a question)


Your opinion on what percentage of sites Yahoo is listing:
(For people who have several sites, please.)

Thanks, Nicholas

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