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Re: Survey on search engines
From Nicholas on 25 Feb '99
replying to Re: Survey on search engines posted by Jeff

>This looks like a list of loaded questions. What point are you
>trying to prove with your list?
>I notice you have no email address.

My public is [deleted].

>The biggest problem with search engines is that almost none of them
>(exception AV sometimes) work the way they claim.
>Today SE's are major American corporations that have many of the features
>of public utilities. Yet they consistantly lie to their users and
>shareholders about how fast they index sites.

Yup. That's why I thought I'd ask at deadlock. Doesn't seem to
be much interest, tho.

>Also, your questions aren't well-crafted. You ask whether AV still lists
>in two days. I might say that was False because they list in 24-36 hours
>which is usually the case.

That's why I asked for opinions.

Thanks, Nicholas

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