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Let SE's spider site vs. Submitting every page???
From Brett LaCroix at on 27 Feb '99
I am building an online mall from scratch (just started this week), and I already know that it has a few strikes against it:

Front Page borders on top, left, and bottom.

Image Map on home page, no text links.

Text links on left shared border.

I have created a seperate page, which has a link to every page on my website. I also created a 1x1 pixel image which is a link to that page and appears on the top of everypage (in the body, not on the shared border).

Couldn't I just submit this mall-index page ( ) and let the SE spiders "have at it"???

This page has no shared borders, no image map, yet points to all 43 of my main pages.

I am willing to individually submit each page to start off right... but on my other site, some of the highest ranked pages are pages that I never submitted... the spiders just found them.

I am not sure what is best.



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