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Lycos is broken
From Jeff at Ackley Uniforms on 28 Feb '99
replying to excite and lycos posted by sebastian palmigiani

>I can get good ranking on both alta vista nad infoseek but not excite and lycos. what is the difference between these?

According to a post on Lycos hasn't added
ANYTHING to their index since 11/11/98!!! They're saving submissions
and will add them when their software problems are fixed which should
be very soon. From my experience with Lycos this is quite believable.

Also I saw something on those forums to indicate Lycos doesn't
index pages with less than 100 words. Interesting info especially
if you have a gateway page. One question: does that number include
meta keywords?

Apparently it is possible to phone Lycos, and that is where this info

Anyone else hear this stuff?

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