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Re: Getting Updated Site Listed
From Jeff Singer at Ackley Uniforms on 1 March '99
replying to Getting Updated Site Listed posted by Dick Mills

>I have been online now for over two years with a successful website probably due to my very popular discussion board. However, we have been rebuilding a new website which just came live this last Friday. I need to update everything with the search engines. What is the best thing I can do right now. I am surprisingly very high with Yahoo. But others have dropped me way down. What should I do right now to get going? Thank you.

I've been following your wonderful pitching board for two years. My son,
Scott, is a 10 year old lefty. Glad to help.

Be sure to read through the tips on this board for the past year or more.

You have no meta tags on your main page. Do you realize that the word
"baseball" only occurs once in all that text on your first page!

I'll bet a lot of people ask search engines "How do I throw a curveball?"
Things like that. The word curveball isn't even on your page (yeah I know
how you feel about curveballs but use the word somewhere near the top).
Same with knuckle, slider, changeup, etc. At lest put them in meta

I would think that many kids find you through links to other baseball
sites and not through search engines. Maybe you could work out some
reciprocal links with other baseball pages.

Last year I suggested on your board that you add a pitching glossary
of terms. Define each pitch for example. Add terms like "rotator cuff."
That would keep the repeat questions down. But it would also push
you up in the SE rankings for dozens of pitching related terms!

Also you should submit the discussion board to Alta Vista and other
engines every month or more. All those questions (tons of them)
employ virtually every word in the baseball vocabulary.

Finally, relax. Most of the SEs are barely working these days except
for Alta Vista.

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