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Here is a post from Hotbot..
From Darryl on 1 March '99
replying to Re: Anyone else notice anything weird this week posted by David A

This is a post and it applies to Excite, Webcrawler, Hotbot and Lycros:

Why is my site no longer in your index?

Your site may have dropped out of the system for a variety of
technical reasons. It is possible that your server was busy or
down at the time that our crawlers attempted to reach your

Rest assured, we do not manually remove URLs, even if
somebody writes us to remove a site from the database. We do
not censor pages based on content.

>Went up on Webcrawler and Exite.
>Went down on Hotbot and Lycos.
>Even weirder Hotbot dropped my index page
>and picked up one of my deeply buried pages
>and listed it higher than the index was.

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