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viewing document source
From jackie on 6 March '99

I'm a first time inquirey, and I hope someone can help me. I hve
been reading religiously and using as much informatin as

I have gone specifically to Excite where our pages used to have
very high ranking about a year ago but most have now disappeared.

1. In viewing the document source on some of our competitors
better-ranking pages, I have come
across a couple of instances that baffle me:

One of our competitors who ranks #9 has NO doucmnet source
that can be viewed. What does this mean?

2. Another that ranks #1 has NO text except at the very bottom of
their page. The text reads, "best viewed with..." and it appears as
their page descriptions (they also have no META description tag).

The entire page is composed of java script image mouseovers and mouseouts and
an image map. They DO have a META keywords tag with the appropriate keyword
phrase for my search. Does this mean that that keyword phrase is receiving very
high relavancy due to the lack of text on the page?

3. Another competitor who ranks #8 above us has stolen our META keyword
tag ver batim (sp?). I suppose that is the risk of the
"view document source" and probably not worth our time to follow-up,
but it is not the first time that our source code has been copied
(despite the copyright at the bottom of each and every page).
One has stolen whole pages and replaced nothing except the
image source for the entry image.

4. One last question:

When we take our doorway pages to Word 97 and check our word count vs our keyword count:
Does the total word count include java script and html code instructions as "words"?
Should our relavancy be 2-5% by this method or by counting actual words?

Thanks you very much

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