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Re: AltaVista time to list
From Jeff at Ackley Uniforms on 11 Dec '98
replying to AltaVista time to list posted by Chris

>Has anyone else noticed that recently submitted pages to AltaVista cannot be found in the top 50 listings on ANY keyword search. I was wondering if there is some sort of waiting period before your site will show up. I am having a hard time fine tuning my site if I cannot even see how is is ranking in the first place. Dose anyone have any sort of an answer for me. Try it for yourself, search a keyword and look at the last updated dates. Very interesting.....

I just did some quick research on this point. I looked up the top 10
listings for eight random common words(ie. run, pizza, cats,
computers, and so forth).

Here is a breakdown of those 80 sites by date listed in AV.

Before May 98: 19
May 98: 4
June 98: 4
July 98: 10
Aug 98: 31
Sept 98: 12
Oct 98: 0
Nov 98: 0
Dec 98: 0

The summer month listings dominated the top 10 for each word!
The key to getting a top-10 listing was submitting in July-Sept of
this past year! Will be interesting to see whether more recent submissions
work their way up the list in next three months. And will those summer
listings stay near the top or slide down the heap.

BTW I did get one really good AV listing for my site just last week
but it was #12.

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