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Would this work?
From wes at Straight Shootin Golf on 9 March '99
Hey everyone,
One of my websites only uses about 2 megs of space.But i have 150megs for that account.So instead of making doorway pages and submitting them to all of the search engines,i was just thinking about replicating my whole website about 20 times with different meta tags.Take my golf produtcs for example.If i just copy the whole html codes and put them in a new file and name it golf.htm instead of straightgolf.htm,then change the title to Dalton McCrary instead of Straight Shootin Golf,and then change all the keywords to other synonyms would i get good rankings.Im not going to spend too much time with SEs but im wasting about 148megs of space right now.

If i did that about 20 times with all of my products,meaning i will have multiple pages that all look the same but with different meta tags and alt tags,will the search engines penalize me,will they even know?


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