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Re: What is your age?
From RayB on 10 March '99
replying to I can't find my page!! posted by Nick

>I have been trying really hard to get my site higher up in the Robot
>search engine listings. I have even tried to make a 'mirror' page.
>I am not sure I am doing it right. Can anybody tell me how to get
>a higher listing, make a mirror site, or explain tailoring to me? I
>have tried everything short of actually paying $40 for Altavista's
>own site promotion. Does deadlock do these services?

I get the impression you are fairly young. . . perhaps even junior high school age. Therefore, let an old guy (46) give you some advice:

1. Read everything on this bulletin board, each month, beginning with the archives, each post, each answer; then make sure you look at absolutely every other site linked from here, learning what looks good, and serves a purpose. Keep a file of favorites bookmarked for your future reference.

2. Take a class in graphic design, preferably from a college level; you really need this. Then, understand that cutesy trinkets do not a good web site make. Learn to create decent layout. And work hard on your language (writing) skills.

3. Remove your untrue hype from your page until you are the one ANSWERING the questions, not the one asking.

4. Realize that the internet has a lot of users. The only people with money to buy your services (when you finally have something to sell) are older, and usually not impressed with kiddy stuff.

Please take my remarks as genuine interest in helping a young person, and not an attempt to be smart; if that was my purpose, believe me, I could do it. Good luck. . . in about 6 months, after you have followed my advice, and that of the others who have taken up their valuable time to respond to you.

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