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From David Morales at A2Z Art Hosting (the Netsite Mall) on 15 March '99
Hello, I am a bit confused over the search indexing. I have some keywords, and have made many mistakes according to your "Choosing Your Keywords", I did and have copied some keywords over. But, you seen to be more direct in solving things for us!

I don't want to plug my site, nor anything about the software you sell or promote! But, merely a little of assistance!

I have this site which is a shopping mall, as many are... and yet I like to know what settle but exciting approach to take to promote it on search engines! One of your statements stated: "It doesn't matter whether or not you actually sell the product! Don't limit yourself by thinking "What do I sell?" Instead, put yourself in your customers' shoes and ask yourself "What problems and needs is my product solving?" For example, if you're selling massage oils, "sports injuries" would be a good keyword phrase which you wouldn't have thought of if you'd simply browsed a list of your products for inspiration."

How would this work with a shopping mall, and should it be pural as keywords should be?

Or should I or can I easily create another page, draw people there and then re-direct them to the home page of the mall for the answers? My associate: our webmaster thinks a differently on the subject. Any suggestions to my request, or it is that I'm spending my wheels here on this?

David @ TLC

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