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Re: Webposition Analyzer -Oh Duh!!
From marilou on 17 March '99
replying to Re: Webposition Analyzer posted by marilou

I'm not stupid!! No really I'm not!! Well a little bit??

Rank This allows searching a set of keywords....................

Webpos Anal searches each keyword separately....................

This makes a difference!!!!!!!

I did notice one of the ones who beat me on 'mail order brides' had about 40 repeats of keywords - spam - and still came about 4th on AV.

the top one only seemed to have the keywords three times on their front page?

This search engine stuff is very confusing......(Yes Jim I have read your 'search engine' page (It is linked from my husband's pages))

Think I might take up drinking instead......

ce la vie - marilou

PS if anyone can be bothered checking my page for me re keywords etc I would really be grateful -

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