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Re: Bridge Pages
From Jim C on 19 March '99
replying to Bridge Pages posted by iestyn

I read the Infoseek page and I have to say it's VERY worrying.

It's hard enough to go get onto Infoseek these days, with their
ever-changing algorithms and longer waiting times, but this is
seriously bad news. Bridge pages, doorway pages, entry pages, call them what you like, are very popular with us all on this BB.

I can see a lot of small companies and individual consultants losing
business if this trend is copied by all the search engines.

That's not to say that you can't promote your site without bridge pages. It just makes life a whole lot easier : )

If Infoseek are saying this, I would have to believe it.
Have you had any direct experience of pages being dropped because of
this ?

It's just another sign that the big search engines are selling out
to the corporates and doing things their way.
The LINK relevancy factor is another one, where inbound links are MORE important than your content or keywords.

Will they go all the way and just start CHARGING for submissions ?
(many already SELL keywords for banners; it's only a small step to
keyword buying for listings)

Anyway, I share your concern and welcome further discussion.


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