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Re: Web TV and default search
From DONNA KAY CAVERLY on 19 March '99
replying to Web TV and default search posted by Tim

>Went out today and purchased a web tv unit, am curious to know if anyone is familiar that infoseek is the default search on my Sony unit, and if anyone has a phillips or magnavox unit and can tell me if IS is the default on those as well? Couldnt resist anymore seeing what webtv was all about and what my site actually looked like on it. Receiving so much traffic from web tv I had to see for myself.

Yes, I have a P. M. WebTV Plus! Monday I am getting the brand new, just made for these type of unit's, a H. P. InkJet 670TV Printer, can't hardly wait. Been writing ALL my important messages the old-fashioned way, looooong hand. Yes, I have problems all the time with InfoSeek, they don't have a clue, why, everytime I try to do anything, there they are, without knowing things that They should, every time I ask them to search for something, they come up empty handed.-----I work for WIN Marketing, got this WebTV from them. Ineed that job, but, I also need other jobs too! They do not allow you to do anything, other than work or advertise teir products and marketing way, which is excellant. They do know what they are doing! But, I want more, I have gone too many yrs. now, without having the ways and means to make some serious money, but, I need my privacy so I can do my other jobs. ForMor Int. has great products, that work. Their marketing and compensation is great too. also need to advertise my SMC's merchandise, and to get sub-wholesalers, so I donT have to do allll the work. I am also into National Wholesale co. NWC. And one other deal. I was going to start doing it about 3 or so yrs. ago, but, wantedto wait and see if it was on the-up-and-up. Which I found out that it is. I know several people that got in back then and aregetting the money as promised. It's based in the Netherlands.Doing good! Just wish now I had gotten in back then, I would have found my Pot'O'Gold. It's not to late. Over on WebTV, they know everything you do, almost before you do. That's okay, for just working forthem. It is definitely a huge NO-NO to even discuss another business opp. especially to people within the Co. I jumped the gun a bit on this deal here, oh, I do want and need your service-plurle also. I cannot afford your expertise on a website, but, I will just have to learn as I go. I need a little more time on my new e-mail address, I am close to having it, will soon. I need to look at a few or so websites, get ideas. I will get back to you in a few days. Better not get or send any e-mail to that address, I donT want them to know a thing. Thanks for being so patient with me, and for just a little longer. This may get out when I start advertising. But, as long as I don't involve WebTV, what can they really, actually do, legally? Anything?? Thanks, Donna Kay

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