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Can you confirm this info?
From Eddie Roberts on 22 March '99
In a marketing e-mail i recieved the following info, i was wondering if anyone could confirm any of it for me, i no some of it is right just not sure how much.
Cheers, Eddie.

Using proper meta tags in your pages will normally give your
ranking a boost on HotBot and Infoseek, but not on any of the
other search engines.

AltaVista, Infoseek, and Lycos will index image "alt" tags which
can affect the way your page is ranked, but the rest of the
search engines don't.

Search engines like AltaVista and Infoseek are case-sensitive,
but Excite, Lycos and Webcrawler are not. And Hotbot is somewhere

Most search engines make use of "stop words," which are common
words such as "internet" or "web" that are ignored in searches.
But Infoseek doesn't.

Infoseek and Lycos use "stemming" which means that a search for
"swim" might also turn up "swimmer" or "swimming." But not on the
others it won't.

Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, and Web Crawler will give your ranking a
boost if lots of other sites link to yours - but AltaVista and
HotBot will not.

Things like meta refresh tags and invisible text will result in a
lower ranking on AltaVista, but Excite doesn't seem to care. The
rest have mixed feelings.

Each search engine places a different priority on each of the
criteria used to rank web pages, and they change their priorities
and procedures often.

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