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Re: FLASH site ratings
From Min on 22 March '99
replying to Re: FLASH site ratings posted by Darryl

I understand what the average user feels like - the fastest I connect at from home is 24K. I wish I had my DSL from work at home, but I don't.

It's not my modem, it's the phone lines in my neighborhood. No DSL available/no cable modem service available/satellite availble (only costs an arm and a leg).

So, I've had the privelege to test all of my company's sites with my slow connection and through AOL (I use multiple providers to see what our users see).

Yes, the intro does get redundant after the first couple of times, but like nearly all flash intros, there is a "skip" button. Also, I noticed that after the first visit (which IS unbearably long, I agree) the site loads pretty fast (thanks to the cache, I figure).

I appreciate your input on this topic and on this site. If you have any other comments, I would love to hear them.

PS - If you don't have flash you don't even see the opening page; it automatically detects that you're not using Flash and redirects you to the non-flash page. (I just found this out while playing around with Flash off).

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