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A letter i just recieved from infoseek
From PSS on 28 March '99
First I'd like to say i just did a url search for my site on infoseek
and it still isn't listed.

I just got this letter from infoseek

Infoseek Support Reply


You sent the included message to Infoseek's Customer Support Team.

Infoseek sorts search results based on how well each page satisfies a query.
The most relevant matches appear first with relevance decreasing throughout
the list.

The percentage that appears to the left of each search result is a score or
"confidence level." This number expresses how closely Infoseek could match
the results to a given query.

The following factors influence scoring:

1. the query terms (words or phrases) are found near the start
of the page or in the title
2. the page contains more of the query terms
3. the page contains query terms which have a high
weight (words which are relatively uncommon in the
index will have a high weight).

The best way to ensure that a page is ranked fairly is to use words and
phrases that accurately describe it early in the document, preferably in the
HTML TITLE tag. Also, images should also appear as regular text. For
example, a page that consists of a giant GIF image and no other text will
only be indexed using the title of the page.

You can add more descriptive information to your page and control the summary
that appears by using the META tag. For additional information regarding the
way Infoseek will index META tags, please go to:

I hope that this information helps. Thank you for using Infoseek.


V. Matua

Make what you will of it

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