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Re: Unknown syntax rule.
From Deliria on 31 March '99
replying to Unknown syntax rule. posted by Marco Piazzalunga

Concerning my content/value error you are correct. It should be content. However check out the following part of text, found at

META and search engines
A common use for META is to specify keywords that a search engine may use to improve the quality of search results. When several META elements provide language-dependent information about a document, search engines may filter on the lang attribute to display search results using the language preferences of the user. For example,

<-- For speakers of US English -->
<META name="keywords" lang="en-us"
content="vacation, Greece, sunshine">

<-- For speakers of British English -->
<META name="keywords" lang="en"
content="holiday, Greece, sunshine">

<-- For speakers of French -->
<META name="keywords" lang="fr"
content="vacances, Grèce, soleil">

The effectiveness of search engines can also be increased by using the LINK element to specify links to translations of the document in other languages, links to versions of the document in other media (e.g., PDF), and, when the document is part of a collection, links to an appropriate starting point for browsing the collection.

Hope this helps you out.

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