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Re: Not getting on any search engine, why?
From Greg at Alexander Web Design on 1 April '99
replying to Re: Not getting on any search engine, why? posted by David

>That's a good question... I had that same problem with a page that I was trying to submit for a real estate agent. I got others listed, but I couldn't get that particular page listed no matter what I tried. When I tried to submit it to, it came back with a message that said, "We were unable to sucessfully spider your page." I tried time and time again with lycos specifically, and I got the same unsucessful message over and over. The entire site is data-base driven, and I'm not sure, but I think that have been the problem. I quickly designed a splash page linking to the site, and registered that site with the engines, and that worked just fine. The splash page is located at if you want to check it out. Another thing... As a fellow web developer, getting your page to come up anywhere reasonable on the search engines might be a lost cause. Doing any search for "web page design" comes up with so many hits (most of which are very poor designers anyway) that it is almost useless. You may want to draw people to your site by creating some valuable content that isn't "web page design" to get people to your site, and then tell them about your web design services. A great example of this stragety is He does web design for a living, but his customers don't find him by searching for "web page design." I personaly rely on the more traditional means of advertising... flyers, postcards, etc. to local businesses in my own area. In my experience, it sparks a lot more hits than the search engines.
>Good luck!

Thank you for your comments, but I am not sure if that is it Dave.
When I submit to Lycos, it says that it can spider my site, Alta Vista
says that it has indexed my page, and so on. I have submitted to over
20 search engines, and as yet, not one has accepted my URL. It has been
over 1 month since I started submitting this site to the engines. I
have no clue why there are not accepting the site- there has to be
something... the shame is that it is a nicely designed site with zero
traffic at the moment... I am at a big loss.
Hopefully someone will laugh at me and give me a simple explanation,
I am at a loss though!

Thanks again,

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