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Re: Meta "Refresh"
From Jim on 18 Dec '98
replying to Meta "Refresh" posted by Peter Rotgers

>About a year ago we moved our site to a new host. We have replaced
>our pages with our old host ( ) with a
>simple message with the text "This page has moved to" and a link to
>the new URL. These pages are still indexed by the search engines and
>still give us visitors.
>We are thinking of adding
>< META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh"
>to these old pages.
>Can anybody tell me if this is wise or not wise? Could it do any harm
>to our new site????

No, it will have no effect whatsoever on your new site's listings.

However, you're likely to lose your "old" listings if you put in a
META refresh. If you're still getting some traffic from them, I'd
leave them alone. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

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