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Re: Not getting on any search engine, why?
From Inachu at HELP DESK on 2 April '99
replying to Not getting on any search engine, why? posted by Gregory

>I am a web designer and have managed to promote several sites
>effectively getting them on all of the major search engines
>including Yahoo. But, embarrassingly so, I cannot get my home
>on even one site; not even Alta Vista. I am wondering why that is so,
>I am using frames and have repeated web design in my meta's three times:
>Web Design Resources: Alexander Web Design: and Web Design. Maybe this
>is killing me, or maybe it is because I am using Frames and have a
>wrong frame message. I have even wondered if my URL is suspect as well.
>I have been trying to figure this out and am at a loss. Why can't I
>at least get on one engine- something seriously wrong must be occuring
>to be missing this bad. Hopefully this can serve as a lesson if I post,
>hopefully my error is something common that I can learn from too.
>Can anyone suggest anything?
>Greg Alexander
>My home page URL is

Here are a few tricks I have learned.

Infoseek likes it like this.

Meta tags on the main "index.html"
Do not repeat them on other frames.
Thay also told me it is good to have the meta tags in the
following areas.

1. Between the <HEAD> and between the <FRAMESET> commands
and they also said you also should put a few in the

Infoseek reads(indexes) up to 255 keywords on each page and
considers it spamming if the discriptions and keywords are the
same in other frames.

You can also do it like this:

I also cheat a little like the <meta tag author="put title or keyword here">

I'll check out your site and see what it needs.


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