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Re: Keywords vs Keyphrases
From Andrew on 5 April '99
replying to Keywords vs Keyphrases posted by Woz

WHOA! hmmmmmmm, firstly, if you have alot of pages you could optimze different pages for differnt phrases and key word combinations.

>1) However, if I add in specific phrases would those
>phrases gain more weight when used in a search against the search
>engine looking for the single words in the phrase?

the phrases would, but only on an "exact phrase match", I dont thik a search for 'audio' will match well against a phrase of 'audio production' (if at all).

>Eg., "audio, post, production" as single words as against
>"audio post production" as a phrase
>(I would also include the single keywords of course).

by including the 'single keywords' you could be comming close to what would be considered spam (maybe).

>2) Another school of thought (not here) covers efficiency of
>words by combining a number of words into one phrase that may not
>make sense in itself but covers a number of combinations of words
>and phrases.
>Eg., should I have a combination of words such as
>"audio, post, production, services, audio post,
>audio post production, audio post production service,
>post production services, post production,
>production services"

the word "post" could be considered spam in the above example

>3) My challenge is that if I put all the single keywords and
>all the possible combinations of phrases in I then run up
>the repetition counter, sometimes up to 8 repetitions,
>which could be dangerous.

split them up onto different pages.........somewhere I lost what you said about MAX. the example you gave had commas between the words. Her advise was to leave out the commas (and it's working great for me). I believe she said "once you put in ONE comma the whole thing becomes phrases and not individual words" (or something like that).

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