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Pulling keywords from an #exec cgi call?
From Christine Chaney on 6 April '99
Hi there...

I'm considering putting an #exec cgi call into my HTML to pull random keywords from a pre-defined set in a cgi script which re-arranges, and adds new keywords. This way I can update keywords (and descriptions too if I decide to do that), but wont have to manually rearrange words for all the pages, so those pages jump to the top of the listing for that reprioritized keyword.

My question is this...

Does the server when realizing someone is requesting the page, make the call and fill in the response from the it in automatically, THEN serve that page to the viewer.

Or ..

Does the server just serve the page, the browser reads the cgi call, queries the server, then the server send the information back to the browser to fill in the space for the cgi call?

If it was the latter, it'd be a major search engine it is possible the search engine wouldn't read the keywords at all. But if it is the prior it would be an incredibly handy and useful tool for the (numerous & unimportant) pages I don't feel like editing and defining manually.

Can you offer your advice? Is this a good idea?


Christine Chaney

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