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Re: Meta Tags - Upper Case lower case
From Woz on 9 April '99
replying to Re: Meta Tags - Upper Case lower case posted by David

>I often do key words in several different case selections, for example, Austin Texas real estate, austin texas real estate, Austin Texas Real Estate, etc. and it has really helped. I haven't gotten penalized for it either (my pages hit in the top 5 often), so I think its worth trying. I personally never use capital letters when searching, but capitalization isn't something you can set a standard for; everybody does it their own way...
>Good luck!

Some interesting info about the above;
this is something that had not occured to me before.

Looking for a company called "Advanced Polymer Associates",
I tried four different searches in AV:-

1) Title Case - 2.9m results
2) lower case - 3.6m results
3) UPPER CASE - 200k results
4) "Key Phrase" - 2 results.

o The Top Ten in 1) + 2) were basically
the same results in different order.
o The Company didn't appear in the Top Ten
in either 1), 2) or 3)
o The two results in 4) were for references
to the company in a specialised directory.

After all that, the company's url is no longer operative,
but the results of the different cases is very interesting.

o Perhaps it is worthwhile to add each keyword in all
three cases to cover more search possibilities.

For what is is worth,


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