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Free Mirror Page Idea - Need Input
From Brett LaCroix at on 10 April '99
I am working on a Perl script that will allow me to allow people to receive a free mirror page with a unique URL on my server.

Basically, the script loads a banner (if I want) and then possibly a meta tag (keywords)or text, then loads my customers page right off their server.

So in essence, their page has a second web address (for a second search engine listing) that is always updated when their main site is updated.

But here is the problem... most people would not want an exact copy of their webpage... they want one with different or additional keywords.

What happens if my script loads one keyword meta tag and then the meta tag from the clients page is also loaded.... will the spider count both of them?

We already know that most of the search engines recognize this script without any problems and treats it as a second webpage, even though they are actually pulling all of the info from the mirrored page... but what we don't know is the best way to make this second page look different enough (to the spider) to get a different placement in the rankings.

Either way, our free mirror pages would have exactly the same keywords as the original PLUS additional words added by our script.

The other option, although not as nice, is to have our mirror sites have a banner, then a line, then plain text, then a line, then load the original site. This would add relative words for the search engine spiders, but would look tacky, and maybe even worse (like spam).

In a perfect world, the spider would only read the first meta-tag for keywords and ignore the second... but I have a feeling that will not be the case.

Any ideas? Info?



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