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Key word density in body text
From Neil on 12 April '99
On the Deadlock site (excellent!), it says that the density of key words is vital to the page ranking, and that, for example, you could have just your two key words on the page (and no other text) and achive a 100% relevence for those two key words. This also suggests that percentage occurance of the key words to total text is more impotant than the actual number of occurances.
My question 1:
Is this the case for all the top search engines?
I thought that some engines did score the number of words on the document and also the number of occurances of the key word, on the basis that a more wordy document is likely to be more relevent and informative than a very short document which may have just the 2 key words on it?
If this is so, which engines do score document length and number of occurances rather than just percentage of occurances.



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