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Re: macromedia flash
From Guillermo Uruchurtu on 12 April '99
replying to Re: macromedia flash posted by Zohn

>What about a norobots.txt file for the flash section? is there such a thing?

there is no such thing as norobot.txt.
A robot.txt file is a file in which you tell the spider,
what part of your site you want or you don't want to be spidered,
In AV words:
"gives you complete control over what fraction of your site is indexed."

The file looks like this:

User-agent: * <-this line you address
the robot.txt file to a specific robot (* means to all robots)
Disallow: /cgi-bin/sources <-You tell the robot what NOT to
Disallow: /access_stats

Disallow: /cafeteria/lunch_menus/

and you can do this also with meta tags:

So in other words, the robot.txt, is in fact a norobot.txt....

Hope it helps


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