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Re: Misinformation
From Inachu at HELP DESK on 15 April '99
replying to Misinformation posted by Bill

??????????????????????? COMMENT ON THE BOTTOM ??????????????????????
>Not true. If you include JavaScript or CSS in comments the tags will
>be skipped by the search engine, not the entire document. The same
>thing holds true for your trusty browser. If you couldn't include
>comments in a page, any page with CSS, JavaScript, CGI or SSI would
>be worthless. That doesn't sound like the Web I know.
><!-- Hide this code from older browsers -->
>Comment tags are a valid function of HTML and if the Inktomi system
>did not allow comments, their search engines wouldn't be worth much.

I understand where you are comming from BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please read up on the comment tag.

In truth the comment is an error that when netscape reads will
just skip over it..... Please readup on this. There are
many books I can mention that state this. If you want an example
I can run back home to get the title of the book.

As for <!-- comment goes here --> Infoseek reiterated that
their bots stop at the very first comment they see.

Please call INFOSEEK and they will tell you.

But in the end. Yes I agree with you that this would make a
search engine almost useless but I am just talking about infoseek.
I hope Infoseek does not consult with other search engines on how
to mess with meta tags.
" I wish I was wrong about this.!"
" I wish I was wrong about this.!"
" I wish I was wrong about this.!"

As for my site being under constant construction.

I only get 30 minutes a day to work on it.


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