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Check your sources
From Baz at on 23 April '99
replying to Re: Site Submission posted by Inachu

I'm sorry, but, WHAT?

Read this site for more information on submitting and your meta tags, buy Jim's meta tag program to make your life easier.

>You can submit as much as you like but the search engine
>programmers have gotten picky lately and have made their
>submission policy very quiet.
>Sure they say you can submit many times but now they have it where
>they keep a history of your submissions and if you submit too many
>times in one week then your sites relevance will drop you off
>the engine!!! This happened to me once and they call it
>submit spamming thinking that the more you submit the more likely you
>will be shown at the top.
>This is where META TAGS come into play.
>Read up on meta tag design.
>A few sites that use meta tags are AOL.COM and CNN.COM
>You can use their meta tags but change them to reflect your sites
>>When can I submit my site to search engines. How many times a month? If I add new things to the page can I resubmit? Do any major search engines kick you out of their files? I do many searches and our page does not come up near the top. We have generated hits from advertising but how can we get better hots from the search engines?

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