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Re: hyphens in domain names
From Scott Hamlin on 23 April '99
replying to hyphens in domain names posted by Ron Jourard

>I am a criminal lawyer and have registered domain names "criminallawyer" and "criminal-lawyer." I have not yet virtually hosted either. My dilemma is: which name will increase my ranking most if someone is searching under the keywords "criminal" and "lawyer." Does the answer depend on the search engine? Might the hyphen be interpreted as a minus sign and result in exclusion of documents containing the word lawyer.
>Ron Jourard, Toronto


Greetings from Colchester, Vermont. What you put in your TITLE tag is more important than anything, including your domain name or meta tags. I always try to pick 6 of my best keywords to put in my title. For you I would put "Ron Jourard - Criminal Lawyer - Toronto Canada", and then fill your META tags more precise words.

Feel free to e-mail me at if you have any more questions.

Scott Hamlin, ISP
Colchester, Vermont

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