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Re: deciding for a NEW URL
From Pierre-Jean at soon to be on 24 April '99
replying to Re: deciding for a NEW URL posted by Darryl

>Since it is a Restaurant and you will depend on local traffic, us a name that is easy to remember. If Pompelmouse is the name and your name is very popular in your area, them I would use it. If someone is looking for a place to eat, most likely they will use the Yellow pages. Customers that came to your site may come because they seen the name advertised somewhere.
>If someone does use the SEs, they will most likely type in the name of town and Restaurant or the type of food and town, etc.
>But for your case a rememberable name would be the way to go.
>Good Luck!

Thank You Darryl !

That was my first idea but unfortunately the was not available. This is why I previously thought about the a- Pampelmouse
(it means at-pampelmouse in French and is common in english), thinking it might put me closer to the top in alphabetical order...

So, following your advice, I will go forwww.Pampelmouse-Restaurant.

- Should I use a DASH in between?
I like it better, it looks clearer with such a complicated name, but it must be some reason why nobody use it ???
Same thing for Capital first letter...

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