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Re: I need an unbiased opinion about WebPosition Gold
From iestyn on 28 April '99
replying to I need an unbiased opinion about WebPosition Gold posted by Comfortably Numb

>I want an unbiased opinion from someone who doesn't make money selling Web Position Gold... Is it really that great? It seems like a lot of work to get the page critic to accept your page. I have AddWeb Pro too, should I use AddWeb Pro for the minor search engines and WebPosition Gold for the major ones?

I used webposition a couple of times ages ago, but the results werent too accurate (i hear they are now) - so i changed to - a free service, thats not bad, but that isnt accurate 100% of the time. - i prefer to get the results from the engines themselves - that way you know if the results you get are accurate.

(expects to get flamed).... :o)


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