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Re: web page (nice title!)
From Jim on 13 May '99
replying to Re: web page (nice title!) posted by Jeff

>I didn't mean to be critical of Deadlock. But anything written about
>SEs is largely out of date within 6 months. Certainly anything posted
>about Lycos several months ago is now out of date.

It's true nobody can be 100% accurate but the general principles do
apply more often than not. I don't think this info would *harm*
anybody's chances.

>My personal opinion is that there is a heck of a lot of randomness built
>into SEs. Too many sites rank high for no obvious reason.

Again true, but that's a depressing thing to tell people. I do believe
that on the whole if you do know these things you'll do better than
others who don't, in the long term.

>I think that very little written here or elsewhere about Yahoo is correct.
>Some recently accepted sites have NO visible content. I got into
>Yahoo by sending them an email!
>Yahoo themselves have said the main trick to getting in is just luck.
>They look at very few submitted sites; but they do accept most sites
>that they look at. They have said that very few sites are rejected
>because they lack quality content. Mine is in; so the content bar must
>be set pretty low!

I actually did a survey of my own last year and in general the higher
content sites did better than low content.

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