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META "Expires" vs. "No-Cache"
From Joe on 22 May '99
Currently completing a complete overhaul of my site and I'm down to the META tags.

I would appreciate any info. re: the META "expires" and "no-cache" tags (e.g., which would be most appropriate for my site). Since I have cable internet and browse w/ no cache whatsoever, I am flying blind as far as other users' habits.

My site includes both standard web fare (marketing info. that does not change on a weekly basis) and a section with current company news that changes almost daily (news, press releases, etc.). Which of the above META tags is most likely to ensure that visitors always see the most-current edition of a page while, at the same time, minimizing potential search engine problems? (I have heard that an "expires" tag can cause a SE to delete those pages from their index. Is the same true for "no-cache"?)

I am inclined to go with "no-cache" tags only on the frequently-updated pages and no special tags (other than keywords, etc.) on the other pages.

Any thoughts? And just what is the proper code? I've seen "no-cache", "no_cache", etc.?

Thank you.


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