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Re: Excite: lost ranking
From Darryl on 25 May '99
replying to Excite: lost ranking posted by Bra

That is the norm for Excite. You are at the top for a few weeks, then you disappear for a few weeks then you are back somewhere near he top.

They index your web site every two weeks. Could be that when they came your server was down or they had some problem with their connection to your server.
Can be a number of things. Just something we have to live with. You can't stop them from reindexing your site. If you try then you will be dropped quickly.

>I used to maintain a very high ranking within Excite. Unfortunately for the past two re-indexes, my home page has disappeared altogether. So, I then performed a search on my domain name. My home page had the least relevancy at 40% ! Cany anyone explain to me why this is happening to my site? Anyone had similar experiences?
>Your feedback is appreciated. Perhaps a member of Deadlock could respond to this message, seeing that I have not seen a post from them this month. Are you still there?
>Thank you, and I look forward to your reply.

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