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Re: Excite: lost ranking
From Brad on 25 May '99
replying to Re: Excite: lost ranking posted by Darryl

Like I have said before, I have a decent amount of subpages that are ranked well, but my home page is nowhere to be found. How can my home page have less relevancy that my subpages? I find that to be quite interesting. When you say that Excite could have had a problem establishing a connection with my server - how could it then rank my subpages? I mean, I have my pages indexed, but the relevancy is terribly low for my home page - 40% I could possibly understand your two weeks "on", two weeks "off" scenario, but other than that, I'm puzzled.

Thanks...Look forward to your comments so that I can learn!!


>That is the norm for Excite. You are at the top for a few weeks, then you disappear for a few weeks then you are back somewhere near he top.
>They index your web site every two weeks. Could be that when they came your server was down or they had some problem with their connection to your server.
>Can be a number of things. Just something we have to live with. You can't stop them from reindexing your site. If you try then you will be dropped quickly.
>>I used to maintain a very high ranking within Excite. Unfortunately for the past two re-indexes, my home page has disappeared altogether. So, I then performed a search on my domain name. My home page had the least relevancy at 40% ! Cany anyone explain to me why this is happening to my site? Anyone had similar experiences?
>>Your feedback is appreciated. Perhaps a member of Deadlock could respond to this message, seeing that I have not seen a post from them this month. Are you still there?
>>Thank you, and I look forward to your reply.

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