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Re: picking keywords
From Woz on 28 May '99
replying to picking keywords posted by Christopher Dodds

>I'm having trouble selecting my keywords. I would like to use the targeted stratagy and not the blanketed stratagy, but I think I may have too many keywords. I have 10 all together. Is that too many?

Hi Chris, here is a long and lengthy response!!!!!!!

You seem to have a good selection of keywords, however they are all
tied up in phrases. eg., "how to make money on the internet".
Very targeted and likely to get a good response if someone searches
on that exact phrase. But what if they search on
"how to make lots of money on the internet"? Missed them......

You might want to rethink your keyword/phrase strategy a la a
discussion some time ago on this message board.
have a look here
and here

and here

I also ran your opening page through Hiverify.
I have just started test this program so I cannot vouche to much
for the accuracy of the report but it did come up with the following results:-


1) C:\Archive\deadlock\fastmoney2.html

- Key Word Repetition (Spamming) and Usage Check
REPORT: Warning, You are not using the Key words tag effectively
You are using: 185 Characters
You can use up to 1000 Characters

INFO: The Key Words Passed The Repetition Check!

- Check for the usage of Key words in the description meta tag and description usage
Description Tag Passes: Keywords found in page description.
REPORT: Warning, You are not using the Description tag effectively
You are using: 81 Characters
You can use up to 200 Characters

- Check Body Text for Key Word Usage & Counts
how - 2
to - 13
make - 0
money - 0
on - 5
the - 10
internet - 0
pay - 0
per - 0
click - 1
fast - 0
affiliate - 0
programs - 0
free - 0
banner - 0
exchanges - 0
small - 74
business - 0
information - 0
website - 0
promotion - 0
web - 0
hosting - 0

- Verification of Required tags: missing meta tags will be listed
Error: Author Does not Have a Value
Error: robots Does not Have a Value
Error: revisit-after Does not Have a Value


This checks your keyword density in the actual main body text.
You will notice that money, the most obvious keyword I would have
thought, came up with a density of 0. This may be because it is
tied up in phgrases and doesn't stand alone. Another reason to think
about keywords rather than phrases.

Interestingly your highest keyword density is for "small".
I assume you don't want people asking how to make small money on the internet.


You may also want to check your spelling. eg.,

Welcome to Fast Mony. ?????

"A good thing about Angelfire, is that you get a snort URL".
Just as well the company is not called Angeldust??

Cheers and keep at it..


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