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Keyword Confusion???
From Craig on 31 Dec '98
I have a site and I have come up with a list of keywords and was wondering which ones should be used without spamming. You will see what I mean when you look at the list.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Several of the phrases have to use the same word(s)

blue block
blue blockers
blue block sunglasses
blue blocker sunglasses
blueblocker sunglasses
blublocker sunglasses
blue blocking
blue blocking sunglasses
third generation
third generation sunglasses
third generation blue blocks
third generation blue blockers
third generation blue blocker sunglasses
blue blockers third generation
third generation driving lens
blue blocker drivers
driving sunglasses
drivers sunglasses
third generation drivers
copper driving lens
blue blockers discount sunglasses
blue blockers discount
blublockers discount
serengeti sunglasses
eagle eyes
eagle eyes sunglasses
suncloud sunglasses
discount sunglasses
seen on TV sunglasses
seen on TV
discount eyewear
sunglass discounters
sunglasses discount prices
aviator sunglasses
aviator equipment
aviation sunglasses
golf sunglasses
golf equipment
golf equipment discount
golf improvement
golf betterment
glare reduction
reduce glare sunglasses
sharper image sunglasses
sports equipment sunglasses
sports sunglasses
sporting goods sunglasses
sporting goods sunglasses discount
discount sporting goods sunglasses
ski equipment sunglasses
sunglasses aviator
sunglasses aviation
sunglasses driving
sunglasses drivers
sunglasses blue blockers
sunglasses eagle eyes
sunglasses golf
sunglasses discount
sunglasses glare reduction
sunglasses golf
sunglasses golfing
sunglasses sports
sunglasses skiing
sunglasses serengeti
sunglasses serengeti discount
sunglasses third generation
sunglasses third generation blue blockers
sunglasses sunclouds
as seen on tv sunglasses
like seen on tv sunglasses

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